Budget vote – June 23

Following an extensive review of our budget and reserve funds, the PTA will vote on using funds to support several one-time expenditures with the objective of benefiting the current MNS student body. By working with the administration, we have identified several areas in which additional funding would be valuable.

We will be voting on using money from our funds for these expenditures at the next General PTA Meeting on June 23rd at 7:45 AM.

Every parent and teacher has one vote and all are encouraged to participate.

The expenditures are outlined below.

Facilities Updates:
Air Conditioning (Replacement and Removal of Outdated Units)……..$6,600
Update of Computer Technology (replacement of classroom desktop computers for instruction – includes 5 year warranty)….$27,560
Music Cabinets (Storage and Transport of Instruments)…..$15,000
Student Materials/Supplement:
Wooden Blocks (Outdoor and Indoor)…..$10,000
Curriculum Enhancement:
Fundations Program (Multisensory, Structured Language (http://www.wilsonlanguage.com/programs/fundations)…..$20,000
New Social Emotional Curriculum and Materials for every classroom….$5,000
Instructional Staff Supplement:
Could enable one more Instructional TA or part-time Interventionist….$40,000