At Manhattan New School we understand that the success of our children’s school relies on all of us. The MNS PTA supports the education and learning needs of all of our children by reaching out to families, exchanging ideas and information, and raising necessary funds. More importantly, we make sure we come together as a community to enrich our children’s lives.

Every parent or guardian and teacher is automatically a member of our organization and each family is entitled to one vote. There are many ways to help: families can choose to make an annual donation, participate with organizing and planning various parent-led fundraising events, which take place throughout the year, or help continue our community-building programs which offer free events. The PTA hosts programs and services that make our school community unique and wonderful and help our children grow into confident, enthusiastic life-long learners!

There are many ways to get involved and support the MNS PTA.

We look forward to making this year a success!

Useful Links

Read our bylaws to learn about the mission, policies and structure of the PTA.

Issue an Expense Reimbursement Request to the MNS PTA treasurers.

Submit Unpaid Invoices Form for payment.