The MNS Annual Appeal

In addition to organizing community events and sharing parent voices with the school, your PTA covers many expenses that both allow the school to function at a basic level and make attending MNS an exceptional experience for your child. These school expenditures and programs are not paid for by the Department of Education.

We fund bigger "extras" like:

  • teaching assistants
  • arts and science programs
  • professional development for the staff.

As well as very basic items like

  • pest control
  • air conditioning in each classroom
  • additional school security and equipment.

We are only able to pay for these things, of course, if parents choose to donate to the PTA. Donations are in no way mandatory, but always greatly appreciated.

Our major fundraiser is the yearly Annual Appeal: it is the most direct and effective way you can support MNS. The costs for our PTA expenses break down to $1550 per child. We appreciate donations throughout the school year to plan, organize, and sustain programs for our children and school staff. If everyone pitches in, no matter the amount, we can reach our goal of 100% participation and raise $200,000 together.

Thank you in advance for your donations. Remember, every little bit helps keep our school a success!






Contribute Now to the Annual Appeal!

We prefer all donations be made online by clicking the button below.


If you prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to MNS PTA (please note "Annual Appeal" and your child(s) name in the memo line).

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at  Thank you for your support!