Manhattan New School's School Leadership Team

The SLT of Manhattan New School is a school-based organization composed of parents, teachers and administrators. The SLT meets at least once a month for approximately an hour to work on projects including the Comprehensive Education Plan, which sets annual goals for the school in all areas and focuses on developing education strategies for improvement, parent surveys and more. SLT members work collaboratively, make decisions by consensus, chair and/or serve on Team sub-committees, all with the goal of effectively resolving concerns that affect the school as a whole. The SLT neither sets educational policy nor its guidelines for teachers; these areas are determined by the MNS administration. The SLT is not a PTA activity and it is not a fundraising entity.

Parent members of the SLT are typically nominated by the school’s nominating committee in May or June of each year. All parent members serve a term of two years and may not serve more than two consecutive terms (however, if no other willing, eligible candidate is identified, a member may be elected for an additional term.) Members who are unable to complete their term shall be replaced with elections held within 60 days of the members’ resignation. Teacher members of the SLT are appointed by the school’s principal.

The projects that the SLT focus on vary from year to year. In recent years the team has worked on a school-wide satisfaction survey and the research behind the pros and cons of traditional homework for elementary school-aged children, the findings from which helped to guide the school’s administration in its policies and school-wide improvements.

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