PTA Vote – July 6

As a follow-up to the June 23 PTA meeting, the PTA will vote on using funds to support expenditures with the objective of benefiting the entire MNS student body on Thursday, July 6th at 6pm.

Every parent and teacher has one vote and all are encouraged to participate.

The expenditures are outlined below.
Update of Computer Technology* (replacement of classroom desktop computers for instruction – includes 5 year warranty)….$27,560
Music Cabinets (Storage of Supplies and Transport of Instruments)…..$15,000
Instructional Staff Supplement as an alternative to the above….$42,560 max

Additional Information on Computer Technology Upgrades
Upgrade the 27 outdated computers in classrooms that are hooked up to the Smartboards and are used for instruction. The machines in those classrooms were installed in April of 2008. Subsequently, these machines have been maintained for the last eight years in order to increase their longevity and ensure they are all running correctly. Unfortunately, these machines are out of coverage and cannot support the current version of Google Chrome or run the latest software needed for instruction (e.g. Smartboard software).