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This page outlines the ways in which the PTA will communicate throughout the year and where you can find PTA and school specific information. We heard everyone’s feedback request to reduce the number of emails. These guidelines have been put in place to scale down the number of email blasts. In order for these guidelines to be effective, please:

• Help us by reading all email blasts and the “This Week at MNS” emails;
• Please make note of all relevant dates in your calendars so we do not need to send repeated blasts for the same event.

Neon System

The Neon system is our school’s on-­line credit card payment system. Here you can sign-­up for events in advance, donate to the Annual Appeal, and make other school related purchases.  The Neon system can be accessed from the MNS PTA home page at Neon is also used for sending out email blasts from the PTA, so make sure your contact information is correct and your child’s grade/class is updated for the current school year.

Don’t know your Neon login information?

If you are a current MNS family and have been receiving emails from the PTA, you already have a Neon account. If you are not sure of your login information, click on the link titled “MNS PTA Account (Neon)” under Useful Links at, enter your email address and then click the “Forgot Password” link. You will then be able to reset your password and access your account.  If you are a new MNS family, click the link “MNS PTA Account (Neon)” under Useful Links at and then click on “Create a new account”. Please make sure to fill in the information for all your children at MNS so that you are sure to receive communication specific to your child’s grade.

PTA Member Directory

The PTA provides an online directory so that families in our community can connect with each other. If you log in to your account in Neon, you will see Membership Directory. Click the link and you can search by Parent’s or child’s name etc. or scroll down to look alphabetically.

PTA website

The PTA’s website can be found at In the past, PTA related information was placed on the school’s web site ( Because the PTA is a separate entity from the school, as of this year we have moved to our own website. Since the school and the PTA work closely together there will be some overlap in the information presented on both sites.  On the PTA’s website you will find information about the PTA and its committees, after school, shopping rewards, annual appeal, a calendar of events, and much more. It will also have the most recent edition of "This Week at MNS".

School’s website

The school’s website is Information related to the administration of the school, such as Admissions, Arrival and Dismissal procedures, How to report an Absence, etc., as well as the school’s directory for teachers and staff can be found on this site. The calendar of events is also posted here. It is the same as the calendar posted on the PTA web site.

Quarterly Newsletter ***to be named ***

Purpose: This is meant to be fun and informative. It will provide a calendar of known events, fun stories, and informative articles to share with your kids.
Distribution: Current plan is for it to be printed 3-­4 times per school year.

This Week at MNS

Purpose: This weekly newsletter is intended to summarize upcoming events in the near future – generally, events occurring in the approaching 2-­3 weeks. It may also include information regarding current PTA needs and the results of past events.
Distribution: It will be sent as a blast every Sunday or Monday and can also be found on the PTA’s website.

Email Blasts

Purpose: These are emails sent from the PTA’s presidents or communications team on behalf of themselves, committees, the school, and others. The emails are meant to provide time sensitive information, event details, and much more. For most school wide events (e.g. Bake Sales, International Festival, Photo Day, etc.), we plan to send only 2 email blasts per event -­-­ one email a few weeks out as a heads-­up with details, and one email 1-­2 days before as a courtesy reminder.
Distribution: By email sent from the PTA's Neon system to specific grades or entire school.

Purpose: Grade delegates will provide specific grade information, including but not limited to, grade only events and fundraisers. Grade delegates represent their grade on the PTA’s Executive Board and therefore, may also communicate additional school related information.
Distribution: Grade delegates may communicate via individual class parents, direct blasts to their grade, and an occasional meeting.

Class Parents

Purpose: to distribute class and child specific information. The PTA, at times, will also send information through the class parents or teachers to include more personal notes and guidance.
Distribution: Email, backpacking, Shutterfly private group accounts, weekly reminders, and other. MNS allows its teachers to develop the mix they deem best with the assistance of the class parents and some guidelines.


Purpose: to send printed communications including events requiring permission, hardcopy required correspondence, significant reminders, and information we believe is best to have in hardcopy. In an effort to save paper, we limit backpacked communication.
Distribution: In your child’s backpack as needed.

Meeting minutes

Purpose: to provide a required summary of PTA general board meetings.
Distribution: In Sally Mason’s office (once meeting minutes have been approved).

Personal relationships

We at MNS feel very strongly about community. We believe in individual emails, texts, phone calls, and in person chats to help foster community and keep everyone informed. If you plan to
participate in an event, please encourage your fellow parents.

Thank you for helping us achieve maximum participation and awareness of our school events, with minimal repetitive email communications.

For a printable copy of these guidelines, click here.