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Become involved with the Manhattan New School PTA at the classroom level – serving as a class parent is a great way to help your child’s class and become a vital part of our PTA organization. Let your teacher know if you’re interested.  Class parents are committed volunteers who assist their child’s classroom teacher and the PTA in a number of ways. It is a great way to help your teacher(s), be involved in the larger school community and get to know every child in the classroom. We turn to our class parents to volunteer some of their time at PTA events like bake sales, the Book Fair, and the Fest With Zest, our Spring street fair. At least one class parent from each class should attend the monthly General PTA meetings. Class parents also serve as the vital classroom link for the Auction Committee, to ensure that families are involved in the Auction, which is the largest fundraising and social event of the year.

Teachers may prefer to organize some of the tasks listed here, but in addition to assisting the teacher(s), the class parent has the following responsibilities:
1. At the direction of the PTA Recording Secretary, help communicate to parents to fill out the online MNS and PTA school-wide Directory, and ensure parents review/update information as needed.
2. Disseminate information to families in your class about MNS meetings, events and/or fundraising. (Communications are typically by email or via paper materials in backpack mail.)
3. Organize a Parent Cocktail Party by the end of October.
4. Coordinate snacks and drinks to be served at morning publishing parties.
5. Organize and coordinate parent/family chaperones for class field trips.
6. Volunteer for, and organize other parents as volunteers for, grade and school-wide sponsored events including Photo Day, movie nights, bake sales, the Book Fair, Auction, Fest With Zest, etc.
7. Assist with the Annual Appeal Campaign.
8. In conjunction with the Auction Committee, and the classroom teacher(s), work with parent volunteers and students to create a class art project for the Annual Auction.